Yale University Gets Funding For Problem Gambling Treatment Research

Yale University Gets Funding For Problem Gambling Treatment Research

As gambling becomes more accessible and intuitive, providing tools to play responsibly that are equally user-friendly is paramount. The Mohegan Tribe has devoted more resources toward that end in conjunction with Yale University.

The Tribe will fund initiatives that take aim at developing solutions for people who deal with problem gambling issues. Part of the plan is to put new tools right in the palms of gamblers’ hands.

Yale University receives funding

Rich Coppola of WTNH reports that the program the Mohegan Tribe is funding targets developing a cognitive behavior approach to problem gambling treatment. The report does not state how much the Mohegan Tribe committed to Yale for this purpose.

Yale will use the money to conduct clinical trials. An additional goal is to develop a mobile application that gamblers can use in the absence of face-to-face treatment options.

“Obviously increases in gambling often then are accompanied by some increases with issues with gambling problems, and so there could be a greater need for individuals who need interventions or treatment for gambling issues,” said Brian Kiluk, associate professor of psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine.

For the Mohegan Tribe, Yale’s work in this arena couldn’t be a more convenient way to support responsible gambling. The Mohegan Tribe’s sovereign territory is also within the borders of Connecticut. This new funding should only heighten the reputations of both parties in terms of addressing the issue.

Yale, Mohegan efforts span back years

In 2013, Yale became one of only two institutions to receive the distinction of Center of Excellence in Gambling Research from the National Center for Responsible Gambling. It maintains that honor today.

Yale was the first to conduct brain-imaging research into gambling, among other unique methods. The insight researchers have gleaned assisted in developing tools like the online self-assessment that the Mohegan Tribe offers to players.

With this funding, Yale can continue to improve upon resources that will hopefully lead to improved outcomes. A mobile app that can deliver tools to people with problem gambling issues could be part of that soon.

Author: Tyler Gutierrez