South Dakota Sportsbooks Fined For Allowing Illegal Bets

South Dakota Sportsbooks Fined For Allowing Illegal Bets

Gold Dust Hotel and Casino, Mustang Sally’s, and Internet Sports International were each fined $3,000 by the South Dakota Commission on Gaming for accepting illegal wagers.

According to a report from the March 23 gaming commission meeting, Gold Dust took action twice on South Dakota State men’s basketball games and four futures bets on the NCAA Tournament. Mustang Sally’s took two future wagers on the tourney. South Dakota gambling laws forbid future wagers and in-state colleges.

Both SD casinos are located in Deadwood, where the only legal sports betting in South Dakota is located. Internet Sports International was fined because it supplies betting kiosks at Gold Dust.

Additionally, two workers at Gold Dust were also fined $1,000 for manually overriding the $1,000 limit for NFL game bets.

According to meeting documents, the employee allowed an initial bet of $1,300 on the Green Bay-Detroit game on Sept. 20, 2021. Another worker there took a $1,500 parlay bet on the Philadelphia-Miami game on Sept. 19, 2021.

South Dakota would eventually add mobile wagering inside casinos

Bettors in South Dakota, and even more specifically, Deadwood, are currently tethered to betting windows and kiosks.

Eventually, the state plans to allow for mobile wagering, but only on casino property, as has been the model in Mississippi. Bettors would be geo-fenced and not allowed to make wagers once-off casino property.

According to KELO-TV, the gaming commission unveiled the plan last week. The system would undergo a 30-day test period before being implemented.

“Everyone needs to be patient” because “it’s not going to be a fast plan,” SDCG executive secretary Susan Christian said.

Gov. Kristi Noem has generally been an anti-gambling expansion in South Dakota and specifically against allowing sports betting off casino property.

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Author: Tyler Gutierrez