Scratch FXtra Lottery Tickets Grow In Popularity With Idaho Lottery Players

Scratch FXtra Lottery Tickets Grow In Popularity With Idaho Lottery Players

Idaho might not be the place many people associate with innovations in gambling like US casinos, but the Idaho Lottery recently made a move that could change that perception in some people’s minds. The Idaho Lottery became the first in the world to offer new Scratch FXtra lottery tickets in May.

The innovative elements of the new instant win games incorporate the classic scratching action with holographic images. The manufacturer of the game cards says they have proven popular in Idaho so far.

Scratch FXtra lottery tickets flying off the shelves in Idaho

According to a Monday press release from Pollard Banknote, the unique presentation has appealed to Idaho Lottery players. Pollard Banknote has provided the Idaho Lottery with its game tickets since 2012.

Pollard Banknote says over the first five weeks of the Scratch FXtra games being available, the tickets have sold at a 72% higher clip than all other “regular game families” that the Idaho Lottery has offered over the past decade. In total, the Scratch FXtra games accounted for nearly a quarter of the total instant win sales over the first five weeks.

The Idaho Lottery offers four different instant win tickets that incorporate the holographic Scratch FXtra element. Those are:

$5 Jack of Clubs
$10 Queen of Hearts
$20 King of Diamonds
$30 Ace of Spades

“This Scratch FXtra family of games is a clear winner for us,” Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson said,

“This unique concept in design and execution exemplifies our collaborative partnership with Pollard Banknote. These creative and innovative new games provide Idahoans with engaging and responsible entertainment which ultimately provides for our Do Good initiatives that benefit all of Idaho.”

While the press release does not discuss whether other US lotteries might add the games to their menus, it’s a possibility. Idaho is not the only place in the United States where Pollard Banknote has a presence.

Where might these games become available next?

Despite being based in Manitoba, Canada, Pollard Banknote is one of the foremost providers of both online lottery and physical games for US lotteries. Its other clients besides the Idaho Lottery include the following:

Connecticut Lottery
Indiana’s Hoosier Lottery
Michigan Lottery
Minnesota Lottery
Texas Lottery

Any of those markets could become the next landing spot for the Scratch FXtra games. That consideration is purely speculative right now. It’s unknown how that might fit into other launch plans in those markets.

Five weeks is a short amount of time. Part of the reason these games could be selling so well is simply that they are so new, too. Other lotteries might want to see more sustained sales before buying in.

If the games continue to sell well in Idaho long-term, though, other lotteries could want a piece of the action.

Author: Tyler Gutierrez