Scarlet Pearl Casino Adds Option To Gamble With Cryptocurrency

Scarlet Pearl Casino Adds Option To Gamble With Cryptocurrency

In a roundabout way, Scarlet Pearl Casino guests will soon be able to turn their cryptocurrency holdings into potential winnings on slots, table games, and video poker. The Mississippi casino has closed a deal that will provide such an amenity.

While the new option falls short of accepting cryptocurrency as a payment form, it does provide a solution that essentially acts as the “broker” between the casino and players. It also means another entertainment form is within reach for those who hold such tokens.

Scarlet Pearl Casino signs on with Everi

According to a press release, the Mississippi casino’s new partner in this regard is Everi Holdings, Inc. Everi’s product in this vein is B4U Financial. That platform provides users with the means to process cryptocurrency transactions.

The casino is now taking part in such transactions for interested patrons. The release says that B4U,

“Allows casino patrons the ability to convert digital currency into cash.”

Thus, the casino is still running on good ole’ American dollars but provides guests with an option to make the conversion using their B4U accounts with relative ease.

“Scarlet Pearl’s collaboration with Everi allows our guests a new way to fund their experience, as we continue our focus on setting high standards for player convenience and engagement,” said Scarlet Pearl CEO LuAnn Pappas.

“We are dedicated to delivering innovative experiences, and we are excited to be the first casino in Mississippi to introduce this new feature for our guests.”

Accordingly, the casino provides several ways to make plays with the cash players convert their cryptocurrency into. Just like when gambling with cash, though, it’s important to understand the risks.

Buying an experience with crypto

Essentially, B4U Financial’s system works like an ATM. Instead of drawing value from a checking, credit, or savings account, though, it enables cryptocurrency holders to “sell” their tokens.

Thus, players’ financial positions could take a hit if they lose at the proceeding gambling. However, it’s all about what players are getting in exchange. At the casino, ways to play include:

Even though the cash you’re spending is a result of a cryptocurrency transaction, responsible gambling is still important. You should weigh whether the experience of playing is worth the cost of your cryptocurrency stake before you play.

With this new amenity, you don’t have to have a wad of cash to gamble when you walk into the casino in D’lberville. If you have some Bitcoin you’re willing to part with, you’re good to go.

Author: Tyler Gutierrez