Palms Casino Resort Has Reopened

Palms Casino Resort Has Reopened

Palms Casino Resort recently reopened after being closed for two years. The property is now owned and operated by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians (San Manuel).

San Manuel was given the approval to operate Palms in December 2021. The Tribe made quick work of refreshing the casino that closed in 2020.

But there wasn’t all that much work for San Manuel. Previous owners Station Casinos just completed a $690 million renovation of the property prior to closing.

Much of the work on Palms was cleaning up the property for guests and upgrading the back of the house for employees.

Even though Palms is under new ownership, there’s a feeling of familiarity walking into the casino. I noticed this while attending the grand opening event. There are recognizable names and faces throughout the property. Even the smell of walking into the casino is familiar.

Walking into a brand new property can sometimes be overwhelming, with so many new things to see and do. While that’s fun, there’s also something to be said for the comfort of visiting a recognizable establishment with a new, lively, and welcoming staff with fresh blood.

There are a few things that stand out when visiting Palms for the first time in a couple of years.

1. Mostly the same beloved Palms Casino layout and restaurants

Mabel's BBQ is now reopened at Palms, along with the rest of the hotel.Photo courtesy of Palms Casino Resort

San Manuel kept most of what guests loved from the previous incarnation of Palms. The restaurants, bars, and casino floor are almost exactly as they were when the casino closed in 2020. The Palms is smaller than a majority of resorts on the nearby Strip so it’s nice to walk around, having everything visible, and not feel like you’re locked in and lost in a maze.

A.Y.C.E. buffet, Mabel’s BBQ, Scotch 80 Prime, Send Noodles, Tim Ho Wan, and the food court are all back in business at Palms. Serrano Vista Cafe is the only new restaurant open at Palms as of opening night. This essentially replaces the previous cafe in the same space.

Unknown Bar, AKA Shark Bar, in the center of the table games returns with the same name and similar vibe. Tonic Sports Bar near the sportsbook will offer a better experience with a clear view of the video screens and a stage for entertainment on the weekends.

The casino floor looks very close to the same, with a couple of new small table game pits outside of the High Limits room and Tim Ho Wan, respectively. The slot machines are set up similar to the previous incarnation of Palms, with a little more space to walk in some parts of the casino.

2. New sportsbook at Palms Casino

Palms Sportsbook

William Hill purchased the assets of CG Technology in late 2019. The deal didn’t close until 2020 after Palms closed, so the company never had a chance to operate this sportsbook.

The company is now operating the Palms sportsbook after receiving approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission just prior to the property opening.

William Hill brought some experienced employees from its other Las Vegas properties to open the sportsbook at Palms. These are more welcoming faces that give Palms a very comfortable environment. San Manuel brought back more than 50% of the employees that worked at Palms prior to closing.

The old sportsbook desk seating was gutted in favor of tables and chairs that appear at other William Hill locations in Las Vegas. The VIP room in the sportsbook is still intact and available.

Casino players will also notice signage enticing them to join Palms’ casino players rewards program, Club Serrano.

Palms added a stage in between Tonic Sports Bar and the sportsbook seating. There will be dueling pianos during weeknights and bands performing on the weekend.

3. Entertainment everywhere at Palms

One major change at Palms is that there will be free entertainment throughout the property. In addition to the stage at the sportsbook, there will be DJs, soloists, duos, and bands performing across the property.

The sportsbook stage will feature dueling pianos nightly from Tuesday through Thursday. The stage will host a live band on Friday and Saturday nights.

Mabel’s BBQ and Scotch 80 Prime will have live entertainment on Friday and Saturday evenings while guests are dining.

Unknown Lounge and the west table game pit will have a DJ spinning on weekends. The resort pool will also feature a DJ.

In addition to the free entertainment, Pearl Theater will be opening soon. Brenden Theaters was upgraded for those who enjoy going to the movies while visiting the casino.

The combination of paid and free entertainment throughout Palms will certainly be a draw for visitors.

4. What’s coming soon to Palms

Newly Reopened Palms Casino Resort With Five Things To Look Forward ToPhoto courtesy of Palms Casino Resort

While most of Palms is ready for guests, there are a few venues at the property that aren’t quite ready.

Pearl Theater is not open yet. This is one of the most popular music venues in Las Vegas, thanks, in part, to the fantastic audio quality. Expect the concert venue to be open in time for the summer touring season.

The beloved Ghostbar will reopen on the 55th floor of the Fantasy Tower at Palms. There is no official opening date for the 8,000 square foot lounge with sprawling views of Las Vegas. It appears as though Ghostbar could also open this summer.

Greene St. Kitchen is open but isn’t the same as it was under Station Casinos operations. The space will be a pop-up restaurant at Palms. On a personal note, I hope the restaurant continues to serve the delicious empanadas served at the opening night party.

5. Photo Ops Everywhere

Palms Art

Part of Station Casinos’ major renovation was adding a large art collection to Palms. Some of that art departed with the seller, but San Manuel is picking up where Station left off.

The Palms Collection features art from:

Scott Hove
Robert Munday
Felipe Pantone
Olivia Steele

The Damien Hirst shark installation from the Station days still hovers at the center of Uknown Bar.

As I evidenced on my Twitter, there are also cute images throughout the property that will make great backgrounds for Instagram pics and TikTok videos.

Author: Tyler Gutierrez