Ontario Online Gambling Expands With Several New Licensed Operators

Ontario Online Gambling Expands With Several New Licensed Operators

Ontarians can no longer legitimately gripe about a lack of options when it comes to Ontario online gambling. Multiple Canadian online casinos and platforms for online sports betting in Ontario went live on Monday morning.

The launch marks the first significant change in Canada since the nation repealed its prohibition on single-event sports wagering last year. Other facts make the province the real gem of the country for the new players in the market.

Ontario online gambling expands in a big way

As of the morning of April 4, multiple privately owned but licensed online casinos and online sports betting apps are now fully operational in Ontario. They include casino and/or sportsbooks from:

Other operators like DraftKings have regulatory approval but have not yet launched as of Monday morning. Altogether, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has approved 28 new licensees.

“We are thrilled to bring millions of Canadian gaming enthusiasts into the expanding BetRivers community and to deliver the same best-in-class products and trusted services that our players elsewhere in the Americas have come to expect and appreciate,” said Rush Street Interactive CEO Richard Schwartz.

“By always putting the player experience first – and focusing on earning and retaining player trust, be it through our array of proprietary betting options, fast and easy payouts, or efficient and helpful customer support – we are confident that BetRivers will become Ontario’s preferred online casino and sports betting destination.”

“Today is a great day for Ontario sports fans,” Scott Vanderwel, CEO of PointsBet Canada, stated.

“On behalf of the entire PointsBet Canada team, I’d like to share how thrilled we are to see the province’s sports wagering market officially open.”

There are reasons why so many gambling companies have pushed to be among the first movers in the province. Some of those reasons might be more obvious than others.

Ontario is the main attraction

Ontario’s population, pushing 14 million, accounts for over 1/3 of Canada’s entire populace. In fact, Ontario’s population surpasses all but four states in the United States. That is the most relevant factor.

The size of the population means new online casinos have a broad static base to market themselves to. In addition, the province’s attractions, like the city of Toronto and the nation’s capital city, Ottawa, ensure a steady stream of Canadians from other provinces will come through.

Among those attractions are some of the country’s most-beloved sports properties. The country’s only MLB, NBA, and PHF franchises call Toronto home. Again, that provides betting fodder for not only residents but visitors as well.

Now, the competition to secure a significant share of those wagers and a chunk of online casino play in the province is on.

Author: Tyler Gutierrez