Online Gaming Platform In Indiana Has Groundwork From PlayUp

Online Gaming Platform In Indiana Has Groundwork From PlayUp

PlayUp isn’t playing around when it comes to Indiana.

The iGaming provider announced it has a deal in place to gain market access to Indiana online gaming when its products are approved.

The timetable for Indiana to allow online gaming is unclear. Two bills that would allow online gaming – the ability to play casino games remotely for real money – never made it out of Indiana legislative committees in 2022.

PlayUp already has iGaming access in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. PlayUp has an existing deal with Caesars in Indiana, so if Indiana approves online gaming, it will be working with a Caesars casino.

“We’ve proven we can gain market share in the ultra-competitive sports betting landscape in New Jersey,” said PlayUp’s United States Chairman Dennis Drazin in a release detailing the agreement.

What does this mean for Indiana bettors?

PlayUp, which is based in Australia, is an online betting and technology provider. This means it creates a platform for users to bet.

Every additional provider is good for the customer as each will try to attract customers with rewarding promotions and possibly better odds.

But online gaming is different than sports betting. Online gaming entails playing slot machines or table games offered by a casino on your mobile device or computer.

States with online gaming are:

West Virginia
New Jersey
Nevada (offering online poker)

Indiana approved sports betting and has 12 online IN sportsbooks available in the state. Surprisingly, PlayUp is not one of them.

Lawmakers removed the online gaming component from the sports betting bill when it passed in 2019.

Indiana doesn’t lack a land-based casino presence. As of 2021, the state was home to 13 land-based and riverboat casinos.

The future of online betting in Indiana

A study commissioned for iDEA Growth and the Casino Association of Indiana by the Global Market Advisors projected that legalizing iGaming would bring $420 million to Indiana in 2023 and rise steadily to $611 million in 2027 with a tax of 18%.

In 2023, Indiana will convene another legislative session running to the end of April.

Author: Tyler Gutierrez