Ocean Gaming Casino Adds Historical Horse Racing To Gaming Floor

Ocean Gaming Casino Adds Historical Horse Racing To Gaming Floor

The legal status of online betting on horse racing in New Hampshire might be precarious, but one of the state’s gambling parlors is getting into the saddle with historical horse racing. Ocean Gaming Casino has added HHR machines to its menu.

With the new options, players can get a different experience. This could also provide an alternative if the New Hampshire Lottery moves to end online horse betting in the state.

Ocean Gaming Casino adds HHR machines

A Friday press release states that the casino has expanded its gaming floor with 50 historical horse racing machines. These are gaming terminals that can often mimic traditional slot machines in their appearance and function. Like slots, these games are that of pure chance.

The difference, however, is in what determines those chances. Slot machines use a random number generator. HHR machines, on the other hand, use the actual results of horse races that have already happened.

These machines diversify the gaming options at the casino greatly. Prior to this expansion, guests at the New Hampshire casino enjoyed poker and other table games. Ocean contracted with Exacta Systems to bring HHR gaming to its facility.

“Exacta has been a great partner,” said Anthony Fusco of Ocean Gaming Casino.

“They have worked diligently with us and the New Hampshire Lottery to ensure compliant and responsible expansion of charitable gaming. We have no doubt that HHR will prove to be popular with patrons and generate significant new tax revenue for our local charities.”

This expansion comes on the heels of the New Hampshire government taking a closer look at other horse racing-related gaming in the state.

State AG could issue opinion on horse betting

Last month, the New Hampshire attorney general’s office opened an inquiry into online wagering on horse races in the state. It did so at the behest of the New Hampshire Lottery.

The Lottery argued that TwinSpires has been taking bets on live horse races in the state in a legal grey area. How long the AG’s investigation could take and what the result might be all remains unclear currently.

If the AG does issue an opinion that TwinSpires’ acceptance of bets without clearance from the Lottery is indeed illegal, that could mean at least a pause in New Hampshirites’ usage of the platform.

As a further result, Ocean Gaming Casino might become a new destination for horse racing fans in the state, thanks to their new HHR machines.

Author: Tyler Gutierrez