Minnesota Twins Sign Jackpocket As Official Mobile Lottery Partner

Minnesota Twins Sign Jackpocket As Official Mobile Lottery Partner

One of the nation’s leading lottery courier services has moved up to the big leagues. A new collaboration between Jackpocket and the Minnesota Twins expands the brand’s reach into Major League Baseball.

With this addition, Jackpocket now has a presence among all four major North American men’s sports leagues. For Minnesotans, the sponsorship means new ways to win while attending Twins games.

Minnesota Twins give Jackpocket the green light

According to a press release, Jackpocket is now the “official mobile lottery partner” of the Twins. For Jackpocket, that means brand exposure at Twins games and on Twins’ broadcast properties. Fans will be able to interact with Jackpocket in other new ways, though.

For starters, Jackpocket will give away field tours and VIP tickets to games. In addition, Jackpocket is integrating the Twins into its service through a new Twins “Hits” series.

Every time a Twins player records a hit, app users will have a chance at a free lottery ticket. The Twins have new promotions in that same vein, offering free lottery tickets to fans during high jackpot moments, among other chances to win tickets.

“We are thrilled to deliver our fans exciting new ways to engage with baseball, Target Field, and the lottery,” said Twins Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer Meka Morris.

“Jackpocket is a perfect partner for the Twins as we continue to evolve our digital and game-day experiences to meet our fans where they are.”

With all the new tie-ins, some Twins fans who are unfamiliar with Jackpocket will likely see that ignorance end. Other Minnesotans are likely already familiar with the service, though.

How Jackpocket gives Minnesotans ways to win

Direct online lottery sales remain unavailable in Minnesota. Since June of 2018, though, Minnesota Lottery players have been able to buy tickets for select draw-style games online through Jackpocket.

Think of Jackpocket as a sort of “delivery service” for lottery tickets. When you make a purchase on the app, someone else goes to a Minnesota Lottery retailer and fills your order of physical tickets.

Then, Jackpocket staff scans your tickets into the app and alerts you that your plays are available. Just like if you had gone and bought the tickets yourself, you then wait for the appropriate drawing(s).

If you win $600 or less, Jackpocket automatically credits your account. From there, you can use that money for future plays or withdraw it as cash. If you win more than $600, Jackpocket will send you the ticket so you can redeem your prize from the Lottery.

With this new partnership, Twins fans can get free opportunities to try the service out. In that way, they can win even when the Twins lose.

Author: Tyler Gutierrez