Michigan Lottery Set To Expand Online Instant Game Menu

Michigan Lottery Set To Expand Online Instant Game Menu

It’s been a busy year for the Michigan Lottery. Despite the fact that the final quarter of 2022 is just around the corner, the action doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In fact, the Lottery just made another deal to expand its online content.

While Michigan’s state lottery does currently offer over a hundred online instant games for players, that number is set to grow through its newest partnership. The new partner is a novice when it comes to online lottery products but has produced other content for high-profile clients.

Michigan Lottery inks deal with Present Creative

A Tuesday press release states Present Creative “will work with the Michigan Lottery…through offerings of original online Instant Game content.” Earlier this month, Present Creative announced a collaboration with EQL Games that allows Present Creative access to EQL Games’ technology powering this kind of content.

This deal with the Michigan Lottery represents the first fruits of that collaboration. The release does not mention when players can expect the first new games to become available on the Lottery’s app and website.

This is the second deal the Michigan Lottery has made to expand its online library in the past two months. In July, the Lottery made a deal to add IGT games to its menu. Other online additions this year have included a second-chance jackpot game and a suite of Pac-Man-themed games.

As Present Creative’s additions will be original games, Michiganders will only find the titles on those platforms. As Present Creative’s previous work indicates, the forthcoming games should have excellent presentations.

Present Creative brings impressive clientele roster

Prior to its collaboration with EQL Games, Present Creative provided casual gaming products for companies like Disney Interactive and Electronic Arts. Additionally, it has provided content for some companies in the gambling industry already like IGT, appropriately enough.

Sometime in the future, Present Creative titles will appear next to IGT games in the Michigan Lottery’s online instant catalog. Michiganders will continue to have access to as many if not more options than any other players in the US.

Author: Tyler Gutierrez