Jackpocket New Mexico Announces Launch To Mark 11th Active Market

Jackpocket New Mexico Announces Launch To Mark 11th Active Market

New Mexico residents who forget to buy their lottery tickets when they stop at retailers now have another chance to get their chances at prizes. Jackpocket New Mexico brings the retailer to them in a roundabout way.

As one of the biggest lottery ticket courier services in the country is now available in New Mexico, the big news is that there’s a new way to play select games in the state. However, the service is more than simply a sales channel.

Jackpocket New Mexico is live

Jackpocket has entered New Mexico, its 11th active market, via a partnership with Circle K convenience stores. Through Jackpocket’s app, residents and visitors eligible to play the New Mexico Lottery can now order tickets for draw-style games like:

Lotto America
Mega Millions
Pick 3
Pick 4
Roadrunner Cash

The app provides users with a scan of their physical lottery tickets. Suppose any of the tickets prove to be winners, Jackpocket deposits prizes of $600 or less directly into users’ accounts. For larger prizes, Jackpocket sends the purchaser the original ticket so they can claim the prize from the New Mexico Lottery.

The app contains more functions than simply a way to check an errand of players’ lists, though. There are useful features for regular players and even lottery pools.

Other ways to use Jackpocket’s app in New Mexico

For players who miss a drawing they have a play for, Jackpocket’s app has all the relevant drawing results. Some of the features might be most useful for those who participate in groups pooling their resources together.

The app allows users to create and join custom lottery pools. Tracking players’ deposits and disbursing shares of prizes are other capabilities. For people who manage such pools, these tools eliminate paperwork, reduce stress, and can save time as well.

The app also contains responsible gambling tools like self-exclusion, custom deposit limits, and access to information about treatment for problem gambling. While the app’s strongest play might be its convenience for users, prize winners probably think the tickets they bought were their strongest plays.

Author: Tyler Gutierrez