Jackpocket Adds Mets To Ever-Growing Sponsorship Stable

Jackpocket Adds Mets To Ever-Growing Sponsorship Stable

Amidst Major League Baseball‘s All-Star festivities, one of New York‘s lottery courier services made another move to form an All-Star lineup of its own. Jackpocket and the Mets have teamed up to promote the US online gambling product.

Jackpocket will give Mets fans chances to win more than just lottery prizes, thanks to the new partnership. The Mets, in turn, will offer more chances to win lottery prizes as well.

Jackpocket keeps swinging for the fences with Mets deal

According to a Tuesday press release, Jackpocket is now the Official Digital Lottery Partner of the Mets. Jackpocket is a service that allows users to buy physical New York Lottery tickets and multi-state lottery tickets online through its app.

The deal gives Jackpocket the freedom to use the Mets’ logo and other properties in its marketing. Mets fans should expect to start seeing Jackpocket ads at Citi Field. To celebrate the new sponsorship, Jackpocket is offering several incentives just for Mets fans.

Mets fans can win road game trips, for which Jackpocket will cover the accommodations, tickets, and travel for two. Additionally, Jackpocket will give away Mets merchandise. That will include authenticated memorabilia.

For New Yorkers who are bigger fans of the lottery than the Mets, there is something for you here as well.

Free tickets for all New Yorkers (of age)

Winning a prize by playing lottery games is a great experience. It’s even better when you don’t have to risk any of your own money to do so. This deal means more of that perk if you’re of legal age to play the lottery, that is.

All Jackpocket users can get a free ticket using the code “LGM” at checkout right now. Additionally, those who follow the Mets on social media will have more chances at free tickets.

The Mets are now the fourth MLB team and the eighth sports property that Jackpocket sponsors. Jackpocket is available in 11 states plus Washington, DC. New York is one of those states, as likely goes without saying.

A winning lottery ticket could help make a trip to Citi Field for a Mets game more affordable. If the win is large enough, you could even actually turn a profit doing so.

Author: Tyler Gutierrez