Caesars, Mets Team Up For Sportsbook Lounge At Citi Field

Caesars, Mets Team Up For Sportsbook Lounge At Citi Field

While New York Mets players take their hacks against opposing pitching, New York Mets fans can test their own skills in another part of Citi Field this MLB season. A new partnership between the Mets and Caesars Sportsbook provides this opportunity.

The centerpiece of the collaboration is a Caesars-themed betting lounge inside the stadium. It makes Citi Field part of a small crowd of stadiums with MLB teams as anchor tenants to offer such an amenity for fans.

Caesars, Mets team up for 2022 and beyond

According to a press release, Caesars is now an official sports betting partner of the Mets. While Caesars is the first such sponsor for the Mets, it might not be alone for long. The release doesn’t state anything about the deal being exclusive.

The release says that the plan is to open a new sportsbook lounge at the Metro Grille inside Citi Field. The 13,000 square-foot space is on the Excelsior Level. It will offer a multi-tiered dining room plus an outdoor patio overlooking the left field.

There is no specific date for the opening of the lounge. The release merely states it will open sometime during the 2022 season. Caesars is ecstatic about the new partnership.

“New York is a key state for us following the successful launch of our Caesars Sportsbook app in January,” said Chris Holdren, Co-President of Caesars Digital.

“The Mets’ fanbase is one of the most loyal in baseball and this partnership offers us the chance to treat those passionate fans like Caesars. We look forward to opening our space at Citi Field during an exciting time for the franchise.”

Sports betting lounges differ from physical sportsbooks. There will be no in-person wagering at Citi Field. All sports betting that happens at the park will be on users’ phones through New York sports betting apps.

This deal with the Mets means fans will start to see more messaging pushing them to do that betting with Caesars.

Mets fans to get a bigger dose of Caesars ads

The partnership also gives Caesars access to official Mets content. That means fans watching Mets games on television, for example, will see advertisements for Caesars at an enhanced rate.

The Mets are now part of a growing number of MLB franchises with such partnerships. Other teams with similar deals include the Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, and the Colorado Rockies.

In the near future, fans won’t be able to take a figurative “trip around the bases” without seeing the Caesars logo at Citi Field.

Author: Tyler Gutierrez