BetBlocker Software Set To Increase Responsible Online Gambling In US

BetBlocker Software Set To Increase Responsible Online Gambling In US

BetBlocker has been helping gamblers in the United Kingdom set custom limits for their online play for years. Now, that same software will soon be available for gamblers in the United States as well, thanks in part to DraftKings.

With BetBlocker, players will have myriad options that they can use to ensure they are gambling responsibly. It’s a great step toward ensuring that responsible gambling progresses in step with gaming accessibility.

Details of the BetBlocker and DraftKings alliance

Unlike some other gambling blocker programs, BetBlocker does not disable access to gambling platforms on devices completely. Rather, the software works to set customizable limits.

In a Tuesday press release, DraftKings announced that the software is available globally for the first time. Additionally, the software is now available completely free of charge. The expansion means millions more gamblers will get access to the tool.

“BetBlocker is thrilled to have the support of sports betting and gaming industry giant, DraftKings, to extend our software outside of the U.K. and Europe, to players in the United States and Canada,” said Pedro Romero, chief of safer gambling partnerships for BetBlocker.

“We’ve been impressed with DraftKings’ leadership in responsible gaming and we are grateful for their collaboration and financial support as we look to expand awareness of safer play technology. We encourage other operators to follow DraftKings’ example of going above and beyond what is required region by region, to ensure all players have the knowledge and tools to bet responsibly.”

With the expansion, gamblers in the US will be able to manage their access to online casinos and online sports betting with stellar precision. To make the experience even easier, it’s a one-stop shop.

One easy app to set gambling limits

BetBlocker allows users to extensively customize how long, when, and where they can gamble online. For example, if a user wants to only allow themselves to access DraftKings Casino for three hours every Sunday, that’s absolutely an option.

The app would then block access to all other online gaming options outside of those parameters. It would also do so on every device it is active for. BetBlocker supports its function on a wide array of gambling apps and sites, both regulated and unregulated.

The tool does not require users to share any of their personal information, either. Thus, gamblers can set their own custom limits without any worry of any stigma attached to potential problem gambling.

Ease of access is an important part of promoting responsible gambling. DraftKings has made a big move to promote that ease by helping to bring BetBlocker across the Atlantic Ocean.

Author: Tyler Gutierrez