A Complete Guide to State College Sports Betting Laws in The US

A Complete Guide to State College Sports Betting Laws in The US

Complete Guide to College Sports Betting Laws in US

Each jurisdiction in the United States is free to craft sports betting laws to fit its needs and the mood of the legislators and citizens. One of the most contentious points is often whether bettors will be allowed to wager on college sports.

Some states ban the practice as a means of protecting athletes – often minors – that lawmakers deem vulnerable to coercion or abuse. Other states allow it.

For bettors, especially those in states with popular or successful college sports programs, it’s a confusing situation come March Madness or the when the alma mater’s football team gets good again.

It can lead to frustration and, in some cases, bettors unwittingly wagering with illegal offshore sites that don’t play by the rules laid down in their states.

Be informed. PlayUSA has compiled the applicable laws in every US jurisdiction.



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Author: Tyler Gutierrez